At the Northern Lights CSDC, school transportation is provided free of charge to all eligible students. Our goal is to provide safe, efficient and quality transportation at a cost the Board can afford. In order to meet the transportation expectations of the Department of Education, we are an equal partner in the following consortium:


When road conditions are deemed unsafe for students, bus companies may cancel school bus services.

Here are three options to help you find out if school transportation is available for your children:

  • Check the Council's website. A message will be posted on the home page with details such as roads and schools affected.
  • Visit the website of your local transportation consortium (see above)
  • Listen to Radio-Canada for the French announcement or local radio stations for the English announcement.

Please note that usually, even if transportation is cancelled, schools remain open to accommodate students who are able to get to school.

For more information about school transportation, please consult our policy or contact the school principal.


Discover the online school bus safety training External link for elementary students in Ontario: materials, videos, modules and toolkits for K-8 students to teach them about school bus safety.